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Species at Risk

Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus

Opuntia humifusa

How can I help?

A pale yellow cactus flower.
Two factors are vital to the cactus's conservation: suitable habitat and stopping people from transplanting individual plants.
© Parks Canada / P. McCloskey / (64), 1976

If you are visiting Point Pelee National Park:

  • Follow park guidelines. Stay on trails and abide by the regulations to protect park vegetation, including the cactus.
  • View the cactus from a safe distance on the trails and encourage other visitors to do the same. If you witness cacti being damaged, please contact park staff.
  • Participate in interpretive programs and take advantage of the information provided in exhibits, publications and trail guides to learn more about species at risk.

At home:

  • Use native plants when landscaping. Obtain these plants from reputable sources that do not harm wild populations.
  • Learn more about which species at risk live near you and share what you learn with others.

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