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In 2011, Parks Canada celebrated its 100th birthday. Throughout the year, every month, we presented our organization to you using a different theme and prepared wallpapers related to that theme. It is with great pride that we offer these wallpapers to you as a legacy of our centennial.

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Lancaster Sound © Parks Canada / Wayne Lynch

Lancaster Sound, an area of great diversity:       

Some 20 000-50 000 harp seals spend the summer in these waters. This region also has one of the highest densities of polar bears in the Canadian Arctic. About one-third of Eastern Canada's colonial seabirds breed and feed in Lancaster Sound, including more than 700 000 pairs of thick-billed murres, black-legged kittiwakes and northern fulmars.

To know more about the feasibility assessment for the proposed Lancaster Sound National Marine Conservation Area.

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Theme Months:

December - Conservation and Protection


September - Volunteer month

August - National Historic Site

July - National Parks


June - Aboriginal Partnerships

May - National Marine Conservation Areas