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Simply breathtaking! Admire Parks Canada’s treasures.

In 2011, Parks Canada celebrated its 100th birthday. Throughout the year, every month, we presented our organization to you using a different theme and prepared wallpapers related to that theme. It is with great pride that we offer these wallpapers to you as a legacy of our centennial.

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View from Kama Bay Lookout © Greg Stroud

View from Kama Bay Lookout

Cruise this wild, remote corner of paradise in the Great Lakes. More than 70 species of fish inhabit the near-pristine waters of Lake Superior and gulls, herons, eagles and pelicans feed in these waters. As many as 50 shipwrecks rest within Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area attesting to the power of the greatest of the Great Lakes.

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More wallpaper choices presenting the Centennial Theme Months

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Theme Months:

December - Conservation and Protection


September - Volunteer month

August - National Historic Site

July - National Parks


June - Aboriginal Partnerships

May - National Marine Conservation Areas