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Transcript for Meet the Parks Canada Youth Ambassadors

Parks Canada's Youth Ambassador Logo displayed.

The video begins with a shot of Banff valley and Rocky Mountains from a moving car on the Trans-Canada highway. Title screen reads "Meet the Parks Canada Youth Ambassadors". A female voice begins talking:

He's the nicest guy you'll ever meet, and he's always up for a new experience

Video shows George Woodhouse, one of this year's Parks Canada Youth Ambassadors, laughing as he looks out on Vermillion Lakes, Banff National Park. Video cuts to Lindsay, the other Parks Canada Youth Ambassador, laughing in front of a waterfall as George begins describing her:

Lindsay loves to laugh.

If you can get her laughing everyone gets laughing… because when Lindsay laughs she means it.

Video shows Lindsay laughing into the camera.

Video cuts to George sitting on a barrel at Fort Langley as he is describing more about Lindsay:

She always comes bearing good news.

What's that?

George looks away from the camera and turns off screen to respond to Lindsay who mentions she, indeed, has good news. George then laughs to the camera at this funny coincidence.

Video cuts to George running towards the camera and carrying a guitar walking to a waterfall, as Lindsay's voice over is describing George:

George likes to have fun, mostly with music.

The thing about George is you always have to plan double the time to get anywhere… because he literally stops to talk to everybody.

Video shows George stopping to introduce himself to various people (friends, strangers, and even a tree puppet). Dialogue with various encounters follows:

How’s it going, Phil? Nice to meet you.


High five!

Hey! [Hey!] Hey! [Hey!]

Video cuts to George sitting on the barrel, again describing Lindsay to the camera:

Lindsay is just going to be able to tell you where you can go.

Video then shows Lindsay in a car giving George directions. She tells him:

This is actually the road.

George responds, incredulously:

Watch for livestock?!

George and Lindsay both laugh as they travel down a dirt path obviously not intended for vehicles.

Various shots of George and Lindsay laughing in a car, George walking with his luggage, and Lindsay smiling to the camera while driving on the highway. The music during this montage is uplifting fast tempo electronic pop The video then cuts to George sitting on a barrel talking to the camera about Lindsay:

She doesn’t like it when I’m late.

Video shows Lindsay walking alone at night at Fort Rodd Hill waiting for George as she turns to the camera and says:

And George is late as per usual…

Video then cuts back to George sitting on a barrel talking to the camera, as he admits to the camera:

00:59.00, dur:00:02.00}">And we're still working through that one.

The music takes over to accompany various shots of Lindsay running towards the camera at Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park, George and Lindsay walking into the Cave and Basin NHS, and Lindsay looking out onto the hoodoos in Banff.

The video shows a sunset by a lake in British Columbia as the title over the video reads "#parkslife".

The video cuts to George getting up from the barrel he's been sitting on as he's been talking to the camera. As he leaves the interview off screen he laughs and says:

I’m going. Lindsay I’m coming!

Video title credits: "Music: 'Super Silver Daze' by the Electric Environment", Facebook and Twitter links to Youth Ambassadors Facebook and Twitter pages. Standard Parks Canada ending showing logos of the agency and Government of Canada.

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