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Transcript for The Beaver Rap

[Parks Canada logo]

[Two Parks Canada Interpreters stand facing each other. Amy has a guitar. Patrick has a beaver puppet and chewed log in his hands.]

[Amy plays her guitar and begins to sing. Patrick moves the beaver puppet and sings.]

But the marsh is gloating with plants that are floating, its the habitat for all animals big and small

One animal sticks out, they build a log house, they chew trees in the sun, just like they're buble gum

With big webbed feet through the water they will streek, holding breath for long periods, fifteen minutes... You can't be serious? If you hear a tail go smack, don't worry they won't attack, changing landscapes with their dams, beavers always have a plan Oooohhh Knaw and bite and chew! Beavers are the boss, they can swim like fish too! Oooohhh Knaw and bite and chew! Beavers are the boss, just look what they can do! Oooohhh!

[Amy stops playing guitar.]

[Amy points and looks at the camera. Patrick stops moving the beaver puppet around.]

[Amy and Patrick lean in together and pose.]

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