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Thin Crust Gourmet Pizza Thin Crust Gourmet Pizza
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Thin Crust Gourmet Pizza

Makes: 4 small pizzas


2 whole wheat pitas
1 small pouch sundried tomato pesto
1-8oz | 225 g log of goat's cheese
1 tsp | 5 ml fine herbs
4 tbsp | 60 ml olive oil


At your campsite
Separate each pita into two halves. On each half spread the goat's cheese, then the pesto, and finish each pizza off with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of herbs.

Place the pitas on a pizza rack over the campfire or in a preheated cast iron frying pan on your camping stove and bake until the 'crust' is crispy, about 8-10 minutes.

Insider’s Tips 

  • Feel free to substitute any favourite pesto (basil, cilantro, homemade). 
  • Tinned smoked oysters/mussels make a nice topping, as do sliced apples or pears.

• Drizzle some honey on top, for a nice contrast with the sharp goat's cheese.