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Quick BLT Sandwiches Quick BLT Sandwiches
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Quick BLT Sandwiches

Makes: 2 servings


4 strips precooked bacon
2 large lettuce leaves
1 tomato
English muffins* or tortilla wraps


Before your trip
Precook bacon, let cool and wrap in 2 pieces of foil. Wash tomato and lettuce and seal into a food-safe bag. Wrap version: wrap your bacon in your tortilla first, and then in foil.

At your campsite
English muffin version: Cut the tomato into thin slices with your camping knife. Heat your foil-wrapped bacon over the fire, and begin toasting your English muffins over the campfire as well. Once toasted, place the strips of bacon, a few tomato slices and a lettuce leaf onto the two halves of the English muffin. Add a dash of pepper and top each with the other half...and you're done!

Wrap version: Dice your tomato using your camping knife and shred or tear your lettuce into strips. Heat your foil-wrapped tortilla (with the bacon inside it) over the fire. When heated through, open up and add the diced tomato and lettuce strips. Rewrap and enjoy!

Insider’s Tips 

  • Grated cheese would be a delicious addition and could be melted atop the bacon as it heats up in the foil (or in the tortilla). 
  • If you have run out of muffins or wraps, use your large lettuce leaf as a wrap!

*If you have a heat source that is able to toast (like a campfire), make these with English muffins. If not, the wrap version would be more appropriate.