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The Basics - What to Bring


Stoves and the various fuels needed to run them can sometimes be intimidating to new campers as there are so many models – which all seem to use different kinds of fuel!

Two-burner camp stove Two-burner camp stove
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Two-burner stoves are much more convenient for families in frontcountry setting as they allow you to prepare different things at the same time. They will also usually have more flame control giving you more options for temperature control.

One-burner camp stove One-burner camp stove
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Single burner stoves are much lighter and more compact than their two burner counterparts. They are made for backpacking, travelling and paddle in camping as they are easier to pack. However, they are not always well adapted for cooking for groups.

Fuel canister for camp stove Fuel canister for camp stove
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When it comes to the different types of fuel used by stoves, it is best to ask for advice from your friends, family or your local camping store. Each type of fuel has advantages and disadvantages associated with them so it is advisable to be well informed before purchasing a stove.

Some Parks Canada campgrounds have charcoal barbecue pits for your convenience just bring your own charcoal briquettes. Many of the fire pits are also equipped with a grill for limited cooking over the fire. Please check with the park before you leave as not all campgrounds offer these amenities and there may be restrictions when the risk of fire is high or extreme.

And remember, not every meal requires heating as well. For more information, please see our section on Camp cooking.

Parks Canada Staff Tips
When it is windy, cook in an area out of the wind or use the windscreen for your stove. The wind will cause your stove to become much less efficient and you will use much more fuel.

Light up your camping stove at home (outside of course!) to get familiar with it prior to your first camping trip. (From Staff at Gulf Islands National Park Reserve)