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S.S. Klondike National Historic Site

Loading cordwood with a hand truck

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The Story

At wood stops deckhands would load anywhere from ten to twenty cords of wood. The wood carts used to transport the wood from the lot to the freight deck held about a third of a cord and weighed about 800 lbs. The entire operation, loading and stacking, would take about an hour.

Did You Know?

Wood lot operators would contract with British Yukon Navigation Co. to provide anywhere from 300 to 2000 cords of wood each season.

The S.S. Klondike would typically make one or two wood stops on the downstream trip to Dawson City. On the upstream return trip to Whitehorse she would make anywhere from five to seven wood stops, consuming about one cord of wood per hour.


This footage was generously made available to Parks Canada by Ian Ashdown. The original 8mm film footage was shot in 1941 by Ian's uncle Charles H. Bennett, whose father-in-law, John Scotland, was Chief Engineer aboard the S.S. Klondike between 1929 and 1944.