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Klondike National Historic Sites of Canada

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Dawson City ESCAPE!

Parks Canada is offering visitors a brand new experience this summer - The Dawson City Escape Game. Come challenge yourself and solve a real life murder mystery that took place over 100 years ago.

Dawson City ESCAPE!
© Parks Canada

Teams will be locked in a room at the historic Commissioner’s Residence that has been decorated to resemble the office of a North West Mounted Police Officer, and given one hour to follow clues, solve puzzles, and “escape” from the room. Those who successfully solve the historical murder mystery will receive the Official North West Mounted Police Certificate of Genius.

This exciting new offer is available to visitors starting on August 15th and will run daily at 2 p.m. through to mid- September. The Dawson City Escape Game requires a minimum of 2 players and can accommodate up to six. Individuals or small groups looking to participate are invited to contact the Visitor Information Centre and ask to be matched up with other players to form a larger group.

Escape Room

Dawson Behind the Scenes Tour

Behind the Scenes Tour
© Parks Canada / Fritz Mueller

What is in an artifact? Why are they important? Artifacts encapsulate not just a particular moment in time, but they connect us to a whole universe, allowing us to preserve their stories along with the object. Due to the remoteness of Dawson City, the Klondike National Historic Sites have a large collection of artifacts, and in this program, you will have the opportunity to step behind the facades and see and touch the objects which inform the history.

2016 Daily Program

Palace Grand closed for 2016

The Palace Grand Theatre will be closed for the 2016 operational season. Re-constructed in 1961, it still contains the original heating and ventilating system, fire suppression and lighting. These outdated systems will be replaced to reflect new building codes, provide more efficient operations and improved safety and comfort for patrons and performers.

Palace Grand Theatre
Palace Grand Theatre
© Parks Canada

The Palace Grand Theatre will also undergo significant work to stabilize the failing foundation which is currently subject to movement from melting permafrost. Other construction will be done on the stage backdrops, foyer equipment, sound systems and other stage equipment.

The number and complexity of the component projects involved in the Palace Grand revitalization initiative combined with a relatively short northern construction season require that the facility be closed for the 2016 season.

Infrastructure Investments in Klondike National Historic Sites

© Parks Canada

The Government of Canada is investing in the revitalization of federal infrastructure assets, including national parks and national historic sites, for the benefit of all Canadians.   Learn more...

Take a Klondike souvenir home with you!

Find the new Parks Canada's Klondike Merchandise on sale at the Visitor's Information Centre on Front St. from 9am to 5pm daily during the operational season.

New ways to discover the Klondike!

A new town site-guide can accompany you on one of three guided walking tours of Dawson or just as a classy souvenir of The Dawson Historical Complex National Historic Site. Also available is a Klondike goldfields site-guide featuring The Dredge No. 4 and Discovery Claim National Historic Sites, available in English, French, German and Japanese.

Find these helpful site-guides and more at the Visitor's Information Centre on Front St. from 9am to 5pm daily during the operational season.

Find the Red Chairs of the Klondike National Historic Sites!

© Parks Canada

The Red Chairs Experience Program is intended to provide opportunities to connect with nature, and to experience the most unique and treasured places within Canada. Visitors are encouraged to seek out the “Red Chairs” to enjoy these special places and to share their experience through social media and other communication channels.

Red Chairs are located in the Klondike goldfields.