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Encounters with the Sublime

Encounters with the sublime poster

“Encounters with the Sublime” is coming to Dawson City. This exhibition of stunning black and white photographs of Kluane National Park and Reserve’s high mountain country will be opening at the Palace Grand Theatre this May, following a successful opening run in Haines Junction in November 2013, and a well-attended March 2014 run in Whitehorse. 

The exhibition compares and contrasts works by two internationally known photographers of different eras: Sebastião Salgado, a renowned contemporary photojournalist from Brazil, and the late Bradford Washburn, a pioneering American mountaineer and geographer.

Parks Canada, the Yukon Arts Centre, and the Village of Haines Junction partnered to produce the exhibition with funding from the Yukon Arts Fund.

Place: Arizona Charlie Rooms (adjacent to the Dress Circle)
Palace Grand Theatre, Dawson City
Dates: from May 31 to September 14 2014.
Time: Free public viewing daily 4:30- 5:30 p.m. or included with entry to other Palace Grand Theatre events.

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Guided tours of Dredge No. 4

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