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Fort Walsh National Historic Site

Facilities and Services

Special Needs Services: standard and all-terrain wheelchairs and baby joggers are available. Captioned videos are available.

Parking facilities hold 90 cars and at least 10 buses.

Visitor Reception Centre (VRC) functions as an orientation area, exhibit and theatre area as well as the food service, rest room, water fountain, and pay phone location. The first aid station is also situated here.

Picnic sites are available. There's a small wooded area adjacent to the parking lot and a picnic site located adjacent to Battle Creek, a short distance southwest of the fort, offers a picnic shelter, rest room facilities and cooking facilities (fire hazards permitting).

Interpretive programs are offered throughout the site, at the fort and the VRC.

Cypress Hills Provincial Park, 40 km away, has motels or camping facilities, restaurants, a grocery store, service station and churches to name a few of the facilities found within the park. These same facilities are in place in Maple Creek, 55 km northeast of the site.