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Fort Walsh National Historic Site


Meet costume-clad staff telling true stories of the days when the Fort rang with rifle shots and canon fire. Hike the backwoods trails, sweet with the scent of pine, on the highest point of Canadian soil between the Rockies and Newfoundland & Labrador. Join us on special fête days to take a trip with all the family on a wagon ride around the Fort and watch the legendary Musical Ride.

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Rotgut Run and Family Fun Day
Rotgut Runners take to the trails through Saskatchewan‘s toughest 5 KM terrain while walkers enjoy the scent of pines and wildflowers. Back at the Fort hunker down for a day of traditional family fun and games.
Fort Walsh Presents: Whiskey! From Montana to Cypress Hills, The Rotgut Whiskey Story
Settle down for a fun performance and maybe get ready to take to the stage as we tell the tale of a pair of lawless rotgut whiskey-runners who get their comeuppance thanks to the NWMP.
Trades Day
Hear canon and rifle fire and smell the smoke drifting across the parade ground. Watch an RCMP drill march in time dressed in scarlet serge. Hitch a wagon ride and learn a traditional Métis dance.
The Musical Ride returns to its roots
Saddle up and watch a historic performance of the RCMPs Musical Ride: 32 scarlet-clad riders and 32 jet-black horses performing as one, trotting and cantering through intricate choreographed routines.

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