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Battle of Tourond's Coulee / Fish Creek National Historic Site of Canada

Coulée-des-Tourond/Fish Creek
The Battle of Tourond’s Coulee / Fish Creek National Historic Site of Canada (NHSC) commemorates the place – la coulée des Tourond – where on April 24, 1885, Métis led by Gabriel Dumont, and Cree and Dakota First Nations, held back the advancing North West Field Force. It was the first time the Métis encountered the Canadian military. Greatly outnumbered, and despite losing the element of surprise, the Métis, Cree and Dakota stopped Middleton’s progress on Batoche. Exhausted from the day’s battle, both forces withdrew from la coulée des Tourond to fight another day. Middleton’s advance on Batoche would be delayed for two weeks. For Middleton and his mostly untested troops, time was needed to reorganize, tend to the wounded and better prepare for a formidable opponent. For Dumont and the Métis people, la bataille de la coulée des Tourond was a victory that gave them time to rally Métis and First Nations support and prepare for the defence of Batoche.