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Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site


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Explore the home of Canada’s Grand Old Man of Agriculture, W.R. Motherwell, when you step back in time and re-discover the joy of farming on the prairies in the 1900s. Join staff at work in the fields and caring for the animals. Enjoy a wagon ride and smell the fresh-cut hay. Soak up the summer with live music and hand-churned ice cream you made this morning.

Featured Activities

Daily fun, from field to fork 
Make hay while the sun shines at the historic homestead where Canada’s agricultural policy was born. Gather wheat into sheaves, learn to milk a cow, savour an authentic homestead supper.
Binding and stooking 
What is Binding and Stooking? Come out to Motherwell Homestead to not only find out what it means, you can also participate in it and learn what it takes to take the crop off the field and to prepare it for your plate.
Symphony under the Sky Festival 
Join us for a jam packed day of activities including threshing demonstrations, the Field to Fork Festival, kids’ activities and Regina Symphony Orchestra’s Symphony under the Sky!
Little farmhands in the 1900s
From carefully collecting warm eggs from the henhouse to learning how to grind freshly-threshed wheat to make flour for bread, who knew homestead life could be such fun?

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