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Fort Battleford National Historic Site

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Costumed children see officer in uniform guard the gate.
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With your family and friends, uncover the central but little-known role of Fort Battleford in the Conflict of 1885. Discover the stories of the North-West Mounted Police (NWMP), First Nations people, settlers and Métis people in these difficult times. Learn of the arrival of the Canadian Militia and understand the confusion and fear that was prevalent in the spring of 1885. Explore five original NWMP buildings and discover the role the Mounties played in the early years of settlement.

Hours of Operation 
Fort Battleford is open Monday to Friday in May and June and 7 days a week in July and August
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How to Get There 
We’re closer than you think!
The perfect getaway, with family and friends, just 1 ½ hours West of Saskatoon in Battleford, SK.
Explore five original NWMP buildings. Discover the role the Mounties played in the early years of settlement and the events of the Armed Conflict of 1885.

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We're making infrastructure improvements to Fort Battleford National Historic Site
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