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Batoche National Historic Site of Canada

Developing the Management Plan

Saint-Antoine de Padoue Church.
© Parks Canada / Greg Huszar

Management Planning

What is a management plan?

A management plan provides strategic direction for managing the site over the long-term. It outlines a vision as well as goals and action necessary to protect cultural resources and to provide visitor experiences and outreach opportunities. Management plans are reviewed every ten years and are a key instrument for ensuring that Parks Canada delivers on its commitments to the people of Canada. The process of management planning allows Aboriginal communities, stakeholders, partners, local residents and the public to have an effective voice in shaping the future of the site.

Your voice matters!

Parks Canada is currently reviewing the management plan for Batoche National Historic Site and has recently completed the first round of consultation on the draft plan. We are now reviewing and incorporating the comments received. If you wish to receive further updates on the management planning process, please let us know by email at or by telephone at 306-423-6227. To review the draft plan, you can still download a copy of the draft plan by clicking here (PDF, 1.65 Mb). A copy of the 2000 Management Plan is available below.

Site Management

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