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Fort Lennox National Historic Site

Learning Experiences

2nd and 3rd Cycle Elementary School Students

Garrison Life at Fort Lennox

During this activity, several dimensions are presented to students.

Inspection des troupes
Inspection of the troops
© Parks Canada

First, the schoolchildren meet Captain Harris on the parade ground. In a humorous tone, the captain proceeds to inspect the newly enrolled recruits. Of course, the officer notes certain irregularities in his soldiers’ uniforms and postures, and this will make the entire group laugh out loud.

Later, the students truly go back in time when they visit the soldiers’ barracks. Through a role-playing game between the interpreter-guides and the students, the class discovers day-to-day life for a family living at Fort Lennox around 1830.

The students will then be led into the powder shop, where they will meet the gunner. This specialist in black powder shows schoolchildren the fort’s best kept secrets.

A visit to the guardroom is the next activity on the schedule. Inside the headquarters, students are made aware of the military task of choice at Fort Lennox: guard duty. While standing guard on the ramparts, they witness the capture of a deserter.

The last step consists of visiting one of the fort’s former magazines. During this visit, emphasis goes on history and geography. The students are asked to reconstruct the territory as it appeared in the 19th century.

This is an activity that will have young people discovered the army hierarchy, the break between the past and present, family conditions in a fort, and the layout of the territory around 1830. A great many discoveries, and a good deal of pleasure.

Length: 90 minutes
Cost: $3.90 per student

Uniform Demonstration (Extra Activity)

A soldier on the parade ground A soldier on the parade ground
© Parks Canada

This activity offers a genuine look into the 24th British infantry regiment. Students will learn about the regiment’s history, and about British soldiers’ uniforms and equipment circa 1830.

Length: 30 to 45 minutes

Cost: $0.90 per student

The Informers’ Rally (Extra Activity)

Educational activities – 2nd and 3rd cycle elementary school
Discovering the powder magazine
© Parks Canada

Adapted to 2nd cycle elementary school students, the informers’ rally brings schoolchildren to explore all the nooks and crannies of Fort Lennox.

At the same time, they have to answer the questions asked in their mission guidebook. No need to rush: rather, they have to prove a keen sense of observation and a good deductive spirit.

Highly stimulating for young people, the informers’ rally will certainly sharpen their sense of observation.

Length: 30 to 45 minutes
Cost: $0.90 per student

The Île aux Noix Secret Mission Rally

Educational activities – 2nd and 3rd cycle elementary school
A look at Île aux Noix
© Parks Canada

Targeting 3rd cycle elementary school students in particular, the Île aux Noix secret mission rally will satisfy the curiosity of budding spies. These young people, just hired by the American government, have as their goal the discovery of defensive weaknesses at Fort Lennox. They have to observe the fort meticulously to find answers to the questions asked in their mission guidebook.

The American government is counting on them. Tell them to keep their eyes and ears open; this could be very useful!

Length: 30 to 45 minutes
Cost: $0.90 per student


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