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Fort Lennox National Historic Site


A group of children in the company of an interpreter dressed in a legendary Redcoat

Discover the life of a soldier at Fort Lennox in the company of our interpretive guides.

Through Interpretation activities, animated challenges and independent activities, browse the vast spaces of the fortification and its imposing buildings. From the height of the ramparts, cast your gaze on a unique panorama. Discover the history of the site and the military personnel who lived there with their families. 

Featured Activities

A 19th century soldier and its fort

Take a guided tour of the 19th century
Imagine your life within the garrison at a time when Quebec was still called Lower Canada. Browse the vestiges of this British fort with an interpreter and discover the tumultuous adventures of the Redcoats.

Journey back in time with costumed interpreters at Fort Lennox

Interpretation activities and challenges
Go back to the days of the Redcoats by following your interpreter, dressed as a foot soldier. Learn about the everyday lives of women, men and soldiers who lived inside the enclosure, then attend a musket shooting demonstration.

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