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Management Plan


The Management Plan for Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site of Canada is essentially the result of teamwork. From the very beginnings of data collection and commemorative direction (1988-89), until the publication of the Plan, twelve years have elapsed highlighted by rememberable episodes, such as public consultations from one end of the country to the other in 1992-93, and the appointment of the Advisory Panel.

Many are those during these years, fired by their true passion for Grosse Île, who actively participated in the planning process. Special thanks are in order to the members of the task force assigned to the project, all those first pioneers: André Charbonneau, historian, Pierre Paré and Gilles Fortin, architects, Monique Élie, archeologist, Michel Barry, specialist in heritage presentation, as well as Alain Maltais, former manager of the historic site.

Many people, at Parks Canada as well as outside the organization, brought their knowledge, talents and expertise; I think here of Yvan Fortier, ethnologist, André Sévigny and Christine Chartré, historians, Francine Auclair, architect, Marie-Andrée Leith, tourist marketing researcher, Annette Viel, expert in heritage presentation, Yves Beauchesne and Michel Carrier, responsible for the natural and environmental studies undertaken on the island, Diane Lebrun, manager of the collections and Simon Courcy, curator, Luc Bérard and Chantal Prud’homme, landscape architects, Pierre Lessard, producer (heritage presentation), and also Rose-Aimée Bouchard, coordinator of public participation programme.

I could not forget Renée Lemieux and Linda Bernier, who did everything to make the Grosse-Île project team’s stay comfortable, Paul and Mario Lachance, our great river pilots, François Duchesne and, the staff of Agriculture Canada stationed at Grosse Île, for their hospitality and their technical help, and members of the Advisory Panel, Mrs. Marianna O’Gallagher, Mrs. Jean Burnett, the late Dr Jean Hamelin and Dr Larkin Kerwin, for their cooperation and openmindedness.

Finally, special thanks go to Claire Beaudoin, who patiently transcribed and revised the whole manuscript and to Christiane Hébert, computer graphics designer, who did the cartography, illustration research, the graphic conception and page make-up of the document.

Jean Barry