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Management Plan

Cumulative impacts

Vegetation in the southern portion of the island is particularly prone to cumulative impacts. In the past, this area was witness to the installation of quarantine station facilities. New sources of stress were to occur in connection with the development of this site and its gradual opening up to visitors. This fear is all the more acute in that the development of Grosse Île involves a number of interventions and calls for an increase in the numbers of visitors and self-guided tours. These factors are likely to have an impact on the communities of rare or endangered plant species and may lead to increased fragmentation of natural sites. The result could be a loss of tree species, greater vulnerability to diseases, and diminished resistance to inclement weather.

The combined effects of time, successive stages of development and restoration work, and increased numbers of visitors all represent sources of stress for cultural resources that are essentially fragile and non-renewable. The failure to develop an approach that is respectful of the fabric of island heritage, or to exercise some form of control over the development of reception and visiting infrastructures, may jeopardize the preservation of essential features of this national historic site.

Summary of the environmental assessment

Conformity with strategic directions
Identification of impact sources and assessment of concerns
Cumulative impacts
Mitigation strategies