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Management Plan

Appropriateness of strategic goals outlined in the management plan

Overall, the installations and activities proposed in the management plan for Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site of Canada jeopardize neither commemorative integrity nor the knowledge and appreciation of heritage. On the contrary, they stand to strengthen the components of Parks Canada’s mandate. The impact of other plans or activities is neutral with respect to these components.

The management plan has included several strategic guidelines related to protecting and presenting natural resources and providing ecological management of the site. The guidance provided deals with sustainable development, natural landscapes and plantlife and wildlife management. As such, it enhances the overall vision of the site and fosters sounder management. In some cases, the assessment of the impact of strategic guidelines centering particularly on commemorative integrity and visitor services has brought to light potential conflicts or a lack of information.

Summary of the environmental assessment

Conformity with strategic directions
Identification of impact sources and assessment of concerns
Cumulative impacts
Mitigation strategies