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Management Plan

Strategic direction respecting Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada facilities

Until a general agreement is signed for the transfer to Parks Canada of the lands and facilities developed by Agriculture Canada, the use of these buildings will be subject to sectoral agreements with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

Once they have been transferred, these facilities will be preserved, improved or dismantled, depending on the case. The stable for healthy animals will be preserved for the purpose of housing new fuel tanks. The animal quarantine facilities set up in the middle of the island will be partially dismantled and partially preserved. One of the buildings in this complex will at some point be fitted out to serve as a public washroom for the central sector and to house the large artifacts, that is the ice canoe, the horse-drawn ambulance and the Bombardier “auto-neige”.

Other buildings will be taken down and then refitted for integration into the future workshop area. The remaining buildings will be dismantled. The virology laboratory built on the vestiges of the 1881 hospital complex will be dismantled, whereas the power station will be preserved.

Preservation and presentation concept

Respecting the spirit of the place
Comprehensive and specific view of history
Nature-culture approach
Grosse Île: looking to the future

Management objectives and key actions

Ensuring the commemorative integrity of the site

Cultural landscapes
Built heritage
Archaeological resources
Commemorative plaques and monuments
Movable cultural resources
Communicating the site’s messages and heritage values

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Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada facilities

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