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Management Plan

Movable cultural resources

Parks Canada will ensure that collections continue to be inventoried and evaluated in order to identify level-1 objects and artifacts.

Generally speaking, the collections will be preserved and used in a rational way for onsite presentation of the various themes related to the site’s commemorative intent.

Grave markers in the cemeteries will be properly maintained by Parks Canada. Although they are recent additions, 35 the white wooden crosses planted in rows in the western cemetery will be preserved, maintained and replaced as needed.

Tombstones found in the island’s burial grounds will be returned to the cemeteries following appropriate treatment.

Large items from the ethnological collection, namely the ice canoe, the ambulance/hearse and the Bombardier “autoneige” (or multi-passenger snowmobile), will be stored and displayed in an appropriate location. 36

Suitable gun mounts will be placed in a setting that has been redesigned to make the battery stand out as a coherent unit of interest.

Arrangements will be made to reproduce handwritten documents so that copies are available for researchers at the National Archives of Canada.

35. These crosses were planted as an initiative of Agriculture Canada in the early 1980s to signal the presence of a common grave.

36. The option of presenting these sizable artifacts in one of the buildings of the animal quarantine station would certainly be more economical, and will be favoured over other, more expensive avenues.

Preservation and presentation concept

Respecting the spirit of the place
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Nature-culture approach
Grosse Île: looking to the future

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Ensuring the commemorative integrity of the site

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Movable cultural resources
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