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Management Plan

Commemorative plaques and monuments

The existing commemorative monuments (the Celtic cross, the Memorial, the monument to physicians, the commemorative plaques in the two chapels of the island, and the plaques of the Historic Sites and Monuments Board) are irreplaceable symbols of the spirit of the place. Parks Canada will ensure that they are maintained and made suitably visible and accessible.

Subsequent to the recommendations of the advisory committee, a memorial was erected in the vicinity of the cemetery and inaugurated in 1998. The Grosse Île Memorial is an expressive work raised to the memory of all the deceased who were laid to rest in the island cemetery, including the thousands of Irish immigrants who died in 1847 and members of the quarantine station staff. The Memorial is in the form of a circular mound crisscrossed by corridors constructed in dry stone. These corridors direct visitors into the earth, the symbol of Darkness, before emerging into the light, in an area where the names of the buried have been engraved in glass.

Parks Canada will ensure that these new monuments blend in harmoniously with the cultural landscape and invite reflection. These two factors must take precedence over “visibility.”

As a rule, Parks Canada will attempt to avoid a proliferation of commemorative monuments and plaques throughout the island landscape. New monuments and plaques may only be added once an in-depth evaluation of each proposal has been completed. These evaluations will give consideration to the overall development of the site, the presence of resources on the site, and strategic direction governing presentation.

Preservation and presentation concept

Respecting the spirit of the place
Comprehensive and specific view of history
Nature-culture approach
Grosse Île: looking to the future

Management objectives and key actions

Ensuring the commemorative integrity of the site

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Archaeological resources
Commemorative plaques and monuments
Movable cultural resources
Communicating the site’s messages and heritage values

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