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Management Plan

Comprehensive and specific view of history

  • Grosse Île should be presented both in its overall context – that is, in relation to the history of immigration to Canada – and more specifically – that is, as a quarantine station and as the scene of the tragic events of 1847.
  • Whatever the forms or methods of communication used, the public will have the opportunity to learn about all the historical messages embodying the site’s commemorative intent.

Preservation and presentation concept

Respecting the spirit of the place
Comprehensive and specific view of history
Nature-culture approach
Grosse Île: looking to the future

Management objectives and key actions

Ensuring the commemorative integrity of the site

Cultural landscapes
Built heritage
Archaeological resources
Commemorative plaques and monuments
Movable cultural resources
Communicating the site’s messages and heritage values

Visitor services


Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada facilities

Preserving and presenting the natural environment

Shared management of the site