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Management Plan

Movable cultural resources

The collection of movable cultural resources contains historic items found on the site, particularly inside numerous buildings, as well as artifacts uncovered during archaeological excavations and items acquired off the island. The ethnological collection contains some 5000 objects and over 175 000 archaeological artifacts.

The whole collection has not yet been exhaustively catalogued and evaluated to determine exactly which items bear some relationship to the site’s commemorative intent. Major research will have to be undertaken in order to fully understand many of these items and explain their link with immigration, the 1847 tragedy, the human quarantine facilities, immigrants and station employees. A question mark still hangs over a number of the artifacts. Many objects that are important evidence of the activities at Grosse Île have yet to be identified and explained.8 However, a number of items that are highly evocative of the commemorative themes have, at this time, been identified.

8. For example, is it possible to link the carved clay inscription-less plaque discovered in the Cholera Bay sector with the nearby cemetery? Were the tin plaques found near the ambulance shed intended for gravestones, coffin labels, or the construction and repair of buildings?

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