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Management Plan

Commemorative integrity of the site

As a federal government agency, Parks Canada is responsible for protecting and presenting this country’s historical and cultural heritage. An important part of its mission is to:

  • foster knowledge and appreciation of Canada’s past through a national program of historical commemoration;
  • ensure the commemorative integrity of national historic sites administered by Parks Canada by protecting and presenting them for the benefit, education and enjoyment of this and future generations, in a manner that respects the significant and irreplaceable legacy represented by these places and their associated resources;
  • support and foster initiatives intended to protect and develop the national historic or architectural sites which are not under the jurisdiction of Parks Canada.

Ensuring the commemorative integrity of national historic sites is one of the primary objectives of Parks Canada. A national historic site possesses commemorative integrity when the resources that symbolize or represent its importance are not impaired or under threat, when the reasons for the site’s national historic significance are effectively communicated to the public, and when the site’s heritage values are respected by all whose decisions or actions affect the site.

The monument to physicians The monument to physicians
Philippe Gingras Collection ANQQ
A statement of commemorative integrity is prepared for each national historic site. It serves to: identify the site’s commemorative intent; report on the existing resources and their value; and set out the messages to be communicated to the public. In it, a series of objectives are used to assess the “state of health of the site” and determine that corrective measures may be required. The next few pages are derived from the statement of commemorative integrity statement for Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site of Canada that was produced in 1997. 6

6. Parks Canada, Lieu historique national de la Grosse-Île-et-le-Mémorial-des-Irlandais, Énoncé d’intégrité commémorative, 1997, 56 p.

Commemorative integrity of the site

Commemorative intent
Resources symbolizing or representing the national significance of Grosse Île
Grosse Île and its cultural landscapes
On-site cultural resources
Movable cultural resources
Messages of national historic significance
Messages for the Canadian public
Messages for visitors to the site
Communication challenges
Other heritage values of the site
Precontact dimension of Grosse Île
Earliest settlers and agricultural use of the island before the quarantine station period
The Canadian Forces (1942-1945, 1951-1956)
Agriculture Canada (research and training station, animal quarantine)
International, national and regional links
Outstanding natural surroundings