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Management Plan

Table of Contents


Origin and context of the project
Management plan
Quarantine and public health
1847, year of tragedy
Canadian immigration in Québec City during the years of the Grosse Île quarantine station

Commemorative integrity of the site

Commemorative intent
Resources symbolizing or representing the national significance of Grosse Île
Grosse Île and its cultural landscapes
On-site cultural resources
Movable cultural resources
Messages of national historic significance
Messages for the Canadian public
Messages for visitors to the site
Communication challenges
Other heritage values of the site

Analysis of the current situation

Ownership and legal context
Commemorative integrity of the site
Condition of landscapes and level-1 resources
Communication of site messages of national historic significance
General status
Impacts of activities past and present
Public visitation and use
Visitation figures
Facilities and services
Regional tourism context

Preservation and presentation of the site

Preservation and presentation concept
Strategic directions and key actions
Ensuring the commemorative integrity of the site
Visitor services
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada facilities
Preserving and presenting the natural environment
Shared management of the site

Summary of the environmental assessment

Conformity with strategic directions
Identification of impact sources and assessment of concerns
Cumulative impacts
Mitigation strategies



Appendix 1: Research reports and other reference works

Appendix 2: Conservation priorities for the natural resources of Grosse Île