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Management Plan

Appendix 2: Conservation priorities for Grosse Île natural resources

Planning the development of the Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site of Canada entails conciliating objectives for the protection of the biophysical environment with projected uses for various island sectors. As a first step in this process, conservation priorities will be identified so as provide a good grasp of the protection measures to be applied with respect to the natural resources of this historic site. Thereafter, these priorities will be used to harmonize the development of natural and historic resources with educational and “recreational” objectives.

Conservation priorities for natural resources have been developed in connection with both vegetation and wildlife components which are of key importance from an ecological point of view. These priorities are listed by order of decreasing importance. For example, sectors of the island that have been identified as “Priority I” encompass components presenting the greatest concern for conservation. Without a doubt, the entire shore area of Grosse Île is where the great majority of Priority I natural resources are concentrated.

Appendix 2: Conservation priorities for Grosse Île natural resources

Natural resources evaluation criteria
Conservation priorities
Definition of categories of conservation priority