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Grosse Île and the Irish Memorial National Historic Site


Discover the route taken by tens of thousands of immigrants for 105 years. By following in their footsteps, you will better understand the extent of the sacrifices of these newcomers and the long journey that led them to this place. Many perished even before reaching the promised land. Also, watch for an astonishing abundance of fauna and flora. Will you spot a deer, heron or snow goose? Keep your eyes peeled!

Featured Activities

Nurse Sarah Wade's medical examination
Nurse Sarah Wade's Medical Examination
The port of Québec was once a main gateway to the country and Grosse Île a necessary stop before setting on the continent. What was it like to arrive as an immigrant at that time?
Canada: a welcoming land, a land of hope.
Canada: A Welcoming Land, A Land of Hope
Relive more than a hundred years of immigration through the stories and buildings still present on the island. Follow in the footsteps of the tens of thousands of immigrants who passed through the island.
Hiking on the Mirador Trail
Hiking on the Mirador Trail
The Mirador Trail offers visitors access to observe in complete tranquility the many plant and animal species that make the quarantine island their home. Look, listen and inhale: You are not alone…

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Discovering the Memorial

Grosse Île is an unforgettable destination of great natural beauty, boasting breathtaking landscapes and a poignant history. Tour its historical buildings on your own or with a guide and follow orders from the quarantine officer, see what it was like to be examined by the nurse, or chat with the teacher. Then, take a moment of silence in the Irish Cemetery, where you might even find the name of one of your ancestors on the memorial.

Pause at the Celtic cross for a deep breath of fresh St. Lawrence River air or relax in the sun on a bench in the heart of the village. Whether you visit by boat, plane, foot, or trolley, you’re sure to love the site for its beauty and history.

Hotel Tour

Discover the hotels once reserved for healthy immigrants and follow a short path leading to the Celtic Cross, Memorial, and other sites of interest.

Hour-long guided tours of the hotel sector are also available.

Village and Hospital Tours


In the part of the village once reserved for employees and their families, stop by the Catholic Chapel, Anglican Chapel, home of the public works officer, and see an exhibition on village life.

Be sure to visit the hospital sector (where sick immigrants were treated), which is home to one of the Island’s oldest buildings, the Lazaretto, built in 1847 and a witness to the Irish tragedy.

Explore the village on foot or by trolley. Visits to the village and hospitals typically take 1 to 2 hours.