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Sir George-Étienne-Cartier National Historic Site


At the Christmas Table

Since 1985, the Sir George-Étienne Cartier National Historic Site has been a rendez-vous point for people seeking a greater understanding of this distinguished legislator and his period. A lawyer, politician and businessman, Cartier was a major figure in a number of crucial events in Canadian history.

The historic site also allows visitors to discover a sumptuous abode in the historic district of Old Montréal. Visitors to the site will find themselves in the midst of an exciting period marked by unprecedented change and progress.

Featured Activities

A Victorian Christmas

A Victorian Christmas
Come and discover the magic of a 19th century Christmas! Marvel at the traditions of the time. It’s an opportunity to revisit history through a unifying and enchanting theme.

The Splendor of Victorian Style

The Splendor of Victorian Style
The Sir George-Étienne Cartier National Historic Site is the only location in Montréal open to the public where you can discover an intact Victorian interior.

George-Étienne Cartier in 1863

A land of dreams under construction
An interactive project where everyone is invited to share their vision of an ideal country, the new temporary exhibition, A Country Under Construction, offers an experience that is both enjoyable and informative.

Learning Experience

Canada 101: a visit for new arrivals
The Sir George-Étienne Cartier Historic Site invites new arrivals to Canada to discover the foundations of their adopted country. What better place to immerse yourself in the history of Canada than at the home of one of the Fathers of Confederation?

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