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Chambly Canal National Historic Site

Nautical Itineraries

Here are a few nautical itineraries and their approximate distances between towns along the route. These circuits will take you through most of the Northeastern inland waterways including the Chambly, Saint-Ours, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Lachine (retrictions may apply), Carillon and Rideau Canals

Estimated Nautical Distances

Montreal to Sorel = 70 km
Sorel to Chambly = 70 km
Chambly to Lake Champlain = 55 km
Chambly to New York = 520 km
Montreal to Québec = 250 km
Montreal to Ottawa = 180 km
Montreal to Kingston = 275 km
Montreal to Toronto = 500 km

Estimated Nautical Circuits

Montreal, Ottawa, Rideau Canal, Kingston, St. Lawrence River, Montreal = 655 km

Montreal, Chambly, Lake Champlain, Champlain Canal, Erie Canal, Oswego Canal, St. Lawrence River, Montreal = 1000 km

Montreal, Chicago, Mississippi, Miami, New York, Chambly, Montreal = 7 500 km


  • Montréal to New York - 5days
  • Montréal to the Rideau Canal,
    returning via the St. Lawrence Seaway - 7days
  • Grand Circuit Nautique, omitting the Rideau Canal
    (returning by the St. Lawrence Seaway) - 2 weeks
  • Grand Circuit Nautique, including the Rideau Canal - 3 weeks