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Cartier-Brébeuf National Historic Site

Learning Experiences

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Tornado at Stadacona

A real whirlwind of activities will sweep up students eager to expand their knowledge as they enjoy a breath of fresh air... Children are invited to handle furs, and may also go on an outdoor adventure where they identify the tracks of a number of mammals. A captivating experience bound to leave an imprint!

Lenght: 90 minutes

Capacity: 2 groups of 30 people (2nd cycle, elementary school)

Topics relating to the Quebec provincial curriculum:

  • Understand the organization of a society in its territory
  • Aboriginal people’s territories and aboriginal place names
  • Aboriginal peoples with Iroquoian roots

Playground program

World of Wonder!

From June 26 to August 18, 2017


One legend speaks of a strange world created by woman who flies! Join explorer Jacques Cartier on a mission to uncover the mysteries of this world and the secret to the elixir of life. Skills and strategy are front and centre in two activities that showcase the amazing world people made here long before the European explorers.

  • Play VEGE‑Bingo to get behind the secrets of the Three Sisters.
  • Explore the Iroquoian animal kingdom with the myth of Aataentsic, and test your skills in a fast and furious contest.

Explorer profile: 20 to 100 kids / 6 to 12 years old.

Lenght: 2 hours

Cost: 5.40$

*Program presentend in partnership with la Société de la rivière Saint-Charles

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