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Lachine Canal National Historic Site of Canada

A Mega Project

Photography of the basin with downtown tower buildings in the backgroundPeel Basin in 2002
© Parks Canada / Kedl Collection, 2002

The Lachine Canal is undergoing a revival. An imposing revitalization project was publicly announced in spring 1997 at a press conference given by the main actors involved. The Government of Canada, the City of Montréal and the City of Lachine have invested 100 million dollars in a variety of revitalization works which will transform the landscape of the Lachine Canal and surrounding area. Phase 1 of the work headed by Parks Canada runs from 1997 to 2004, with the objective of developing the commemorative and recreational potential of the Lachine Canal. The urban planning operations and work undertaken by the Ville de Montréal from 1997 to 2002 concerns the canal approaches and waterside neighbourhoods.

The most spectacular works involve the restoration and the operation of the waterway with the purpose of reopening the canal to small pleasure craft for 2002 and of offering the population a recreational boating area. Less visible, but just as important, are the many research projects and studies in preparation for the canal's historical commemoration which also require a huge amount of work and energy. Finally, complementary actions will improve the multi-purpose path and raise the quality of the visit by adding new services and improving accessibility.

So not only will this historic site conserve its popular multipurpose path, but it will also become a choice destination for history buffs and for adepts at recreational activities both on land and on water. This mega project should also help the South-West of the island of Montréal regain its economic cruising speed. The revitalization of the canal will have a leverage effect by attracting many projects funded by the private sector such as the creation of new businesses and residential development.