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Lachine Canal National Historic Site

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Under Your Skin Contest

From December 1, 2014 to January 11, 2015

2015 Theme: Security- what remains of our personal freedoms?

To the drawing board! To the drawing board!
© Parks Canada

As part of the Nuit Blanche all-night event in Montreal, Parks Canada and Art Souterrain are organizing a contest to find three new designs for its airbrush tattoo collection. The tattoo designs should be inspired by one of Parks Canada’s sites, whether it’s a national historic site, a national park, or a national marine conservation area. Drawings must be done in monochrome (stencil format).

Ten projects will be selected by the Art Souterrain committee and posted on Facebook to be voted on by the public. At the end of this process, the artists who created the three designs selected will each receive one of three $500 prizes. In addition to being used as tattoos at Parks Canada events across the country, the winning tattoo designs will be showcased at a special activity during Nuit Blanche (February 28, 2015) and at Art Souterrain’s Spotlight Event.

This contest is open to everyone. Each tattoo design must be accompanied by a brief explanatory text and be submitted to before January 11, 2015. To the drawing board!

Practice Winter Activities Safely

Ice-skating is forbidden

Montreal, December 15, 2014 — Parks Canada reminds the public to enjoy their winter activities safely in the areas set aside for that purpose. Parks Canada asks for everyone’s support and collaboration in observing the rule against walking on the canal ice that forms at Lachine Canal National Historic Site. From November 15 to April 15, the urban park remains open, even though the path along the canal will not be maintained or patrolled.

The risk of an incident is high if you venture out onto the canal’s unstable and unmonitored ice. Currents, water depth, the presence of structures, and variations in the thickness of the ice, which is fragile in certain places, are enough reasons to stay on shore.

There are numerous outdoor skating rinks open to the public in the South-West Borough and throughout Montreal Island. To find out where you can enjoy winter activities, check out the “Activités et loisirs” section on the homepage of the borough website, the “Activities and Recreation” section of the city’s website, or the Quays of the Old Port website

The Lachine Canal in the Heart of Montréal

Passage of a Boat Through a Lock
Passage of a Boat Through
a Lock at Chambly Canal

© Parks Canada

Lockage Fees

Following extensive comments and ideas on the proposed canal lockage fee, Minister Kent announced on May 14, 2013, that Parks Canada will freeze recreational lockage fees along Canada's historic canals for three years at 2008 levels.

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One of the most beautiful urban circuit in the world!
One of the most beautiful urban circuit in the world!
© Parks Canada

Canal’s Path Maintenance

The Lachine Canal’s path is maintained from April 15th to November 15th each year.

The Lachine Canal National Historic Site’s path was ranked third among the world’s top urban cycling trips by the American magazine TIME.

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Did you know?

The Lachine Canal path was inaugurated in 1978. Part of its route follows the former towpath built when the canal opened in 1825. This path was used by horses that towed or pulled dismasted sailing vessels between Lachine and the Old Port.