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Transcript for The Lachine Canal in the Heart of Montréal

(Start of video showing Parks Canada identifiers. Start of continuous music.

Montréal, Quebec, Canada, a few minutes before dusk, on a summer day. In the sky, a few clouds in the distance. Fast-moving images show a view of the Peel Basin, located on the Lachine Canal’s National Historic Site. In the background, a glimpse of the Bonaventure Expressway and a factory with its “FARINE FIVE ROSES” flashing sign.

The title of the video “The Lachine Canal in the Heart of Montreal” fades in and fades out.

A sign on a lamppost reads: Ici, aujourd’hui : UN LIEU HISTORIQUE NATIONAL – Here, now : A NATIONAL HISTORIC SITE – CANAL-DE-LACHINE CANAL.

The camera pans downward: a cyclist and a jogger are seen along the Canal’s path. We catch a glimpse of downtown Montreal in the background.

A train crosses the Canal on the rail line, people are relaxing. Many bicycles are parked alongside a bicycle rental and repair shop.

Discussion between the manager and a customer.

Bicycles are hanging from the ceiling. A bicycle repairman is hard at work.

Two kayaks and a life jacket storage area.

A large “L”-shaped wharf is used for mooring small electric boats, canoes, and pedal boats.

Two kayakers sharing the same kayak paddle along the Canal.

Three young people navigate an electric boat on the Canal. In the background, people who live along the Canal are relaxing on its banks.

View from inside a rabaska canoe with seven rowers. The Charlevoix Bridge can be seen in the background.

Consecutive images of two mobile food trucks serving customers.

Two people are sitting at a picnic table enjoying their meal.

An American Robin flies off, leaving the grassy area alongside the Canal’s path.

Lachine Canal National Historic Site sign with a glimpse of the Atwater Market in the back ground.

In the heart of the market, we see flowers, different types of vendors selling food, such as fruit, and transactions between vendors and customers.

Three women dressed in New France colonial period costume are chatting with another woman wearing a hat and carrying an advertising leaflet.

Pedestrians can be seen on the Canal’s gravel path. In the background, the Atwater Market footbridge.

A man, standing with his back to the camera, strikes a pose next to his bicycle along the Canal’s banks.

A female jogger runs toward the camera.

Two young women enjoy a snack on a bench located along the Canal’s banks.

A large stage with several people waiting for a concert in front of it.

A concert is underway. A young girl is sitting on her father’s shoulders, with her back to the camera. They are looking at the concert stage.

A few minutes before dusk, fast-moving images present the comings and goings of those who are in front of the stage.

Official Parks Canada credits. End of music.)

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