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Management Plan


The Management Plan for Lachine Canal National Historic Site of Canada was updated thanks to the concerted efforts of many stakeholders. Indeed, food for thought and inspiration while preparing the plan was derived from the opinions of Parks Canada employees at the Western Quebec Field Unit, the Quebec Service Centre and the National Office, studies by private-sector professionals and viewpoints voiced to us by representatives of the various federal and provincial government departments concerned by the project as well as by municipal representatives and organizations and citizens interested in the future of the site.

A special thank you is extended to the members of the multidisciplinary team of managers and professionals who contributed directly to the project in accordance with their area of responsibility and expertise, namely, Solange Dion, Gisèle Piédalue, Lise Cyr and Annette Viel, as well as Luc Bérard, Roger Brassard, Yvon Desloges, Pierre Parent and Denis Veillette. Warm thanks are also extended to Claire Beaudoin, Christiane Hébert and François Trudeau, who revised and edited the text and looked after its graphic design.

Lastly, a special thought goes to Antoine Cloutier, who is no longer with us, but who enthusiastically managed and served as a driving force for the Lachine Canal project for many years, and to Lyne Bernier-Morel, a planner who devoted the better part of her energy and talent to reviewing the Management Plan.

Claude-Armand Piché
Director, Lachine Canal Revitalization Project

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