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Management Plan

5. Presentation Issues

The Lachine Canal Management Plan has been developed through a process of reflection and questioning focused specifically on identifying the main issues at hand and deciding what measures and conditions are necessary to ensure that this site can play the role anticipated for it, taking into account Parks Canada’s objectives and the circumstances prevailing both now and in the future.

5.1 Parameters of Action

Given the nature of the Lachine Canal National Historic Site of Canada and the objectives sought by Parks Canada with respect to this site, the Agency considers it essential to establish certain parameters with respect to any plan of action:

  • Priority should be given to actions that are closely linked to the mandate of conserving and presenting level 1 heritage resources that have until now been neglected in the Lachine Canal revitalization project;
  • Given the scope of the work to be carried out and the increased use of the site resulting from the revitalization project, actions related to improving the canal and its banks for boating purposes or canal-side use should always be carried out in a way that does not impair cultural components of interest;
  • Actions should emphasize the site’s heritage character and its educational role;
  • Actions should maintain physical and functional links between the canal and the canal-side neighbourhoods;
  • Work should be carried out in partnership with community groups as well as with the public and private sectors;
  • The funds invested and operating costs should be recovered in part by the generation of new revenues and participation in the economic and tourist development of the Montréal area;
  • Efforts should be concentrated on fully recovering the costs of recreational tourist services.

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