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Management Plan

4. Issues and Strategic Directions

For Parks Canada, issues and strategic directions connected with the future of the Lachine Canal National Historic Site of Canada are closely linked to the objective of assuring the site's commemorative integrity while also promoting its integration into the urban fabric. To this end, Parks Canada will make a priority of actions and activities targeting resources related to the site's commemorative intent (called "level 1" resources), as these were identified in the commemorative integrity statement of the Lachine Canal National Historic Site of Canada.

Parks Canada intends to play a key role as both a leader and an example when it comes to interventions pertaining to the conservation and presentation of the site's heritage character.

From this perspective, the heritage experience to be offered to visitors, in the very heart of the Island of Montréal, should be based upon preserving cultural resources of national significance and revealing the site's history through the interpretation and appreciation of the urban landscape.

The development of activities and services along the canal for boating and riverside use will always be planned so as to avoid harming the site's cultural heritage conservation. Exceptional circumstances aside, the protection of cultural resources will always prevail over any other interventions.

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