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Management Plan

2.1 Parks Canada's Objectives

A national historic site possesses commemorative integrity when the resources that symbolize or represent its importance are not impaired or under threat, when the reasons for the site's national historic significance are effectively communicated to the public, and when the site's heritage values are respected by all whose decisions or actions affect the site. 3

As the government agency responsible for preserving and presenting the country's cultural and historical heritage, Parks Canada has been given the following mandate:

  • To foster knowledge and appreciation of Canada's past through a national program of historical commemoration;
  • To ensure the commemorative integrity of national historic sites administered by Parks Canada by protecting and pre-senting them for the benefit, education and enjoyment of this and future generations, in a manner that respects the significant and irreplaceable legacy represented by these sites and their associated resources;
  • To encourage and support the protection and presentation by others of places of national historic significance that are not administered by Parks Canada. 4

The commemorative integrity of a national historic site is thus one of Parks Canada's primary objectives. The commemorative integrity statement serves as a guide in planning the management of the site. It applies to all who are concerned with the protection, management and presentation of a site.

The following pages have been excerpted from the commemorative integrity statement of the Lachine Canal National Historic Site of Canada. 5

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