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Woodside National Historic Site

Woodside on Weekends

A young family playing croquet at Woodside
© Parks Canada

Weekend Demonstration Schedule

Come to Woodside and enjoy captivating activities, each weekend we feature a unique game, craft or culinary delight.

Saturday, October 22 & Sunday, October 23

Learn the basics of embroidery and other handicrafts. Materials will be supplied.

Saturday, October 29 & Sunday, October 30

Enjoy all things pumpkin! Help us carve “punkies” out of turnips, squashes and gourds, then sample toasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin spice cookies.

Saturday, November 5 & Sunday, November 6

Join us as we demonstrate historic canning and preserving methods.

Saturday, November 12 & Sunday, November 13

Discover the science behind optical illusion toys and make your very own thaumatrope.

Saturday, November 19 & Sunday, November 20

Sample John King’s homemade ginger beer and learn how to make it.

Saturday, November 26 & Sunday, November 27

Gather around the kitchen table as we assemble clove and orange ornamental pomanders.

Saturday, December 3 & Sunday, December 4

From shortbread to pfeffernusse, discover the popular Christmas cookies of 1890s Berlin and sample some along the way!

Saturday, December 10 & Sunday, December 11

Learn how to make all manner of handmade Christmas decorations using natural and edible materials – including cornucopias, Christmas crackers, popcorn garlands and cookie ornaments.

Saturday, December 17 & Sunday, December 18

Gather in the parlour for a special interpretive talk about traditional Victorian Christmas music and carols.