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Trent-Severn Waterway National Historic Site of Canada

Backgrounder - Parks Canada Initiates Water Management Advisory Council

The Government of Canada's action plan for the renewal of the Trent Severn Waterway announced in September 2009, in response to the Panel Report on the Future of the Trent Severn Waterway, provided for the creation of a council to advise Parks Canada on water management in the context of a wide range of community needs and interests.

As a follow up to this commitment, Parks Canada is establishing a Water Management Advisory Council (WMAC) that will engage its members in a review of water management policies, provide advice on issues, and develop a shared vision for a balanced approach to the management of the two watersheds. This Advisory Council will contribute to a more transparent decision-making process regarding water allocation decisions.

Mandate of the Council

Reporting to the Field Unit Superintendent, the mandate of the Trent-Severn Waterway Water Management Advisory Council is to provide expert and stakeholder advice on how Parks Canada can best carry out its responsibilities for water management throughout the Trent and Severn River watersheds, and achieve an appropriate balance among its water management goals.

The role of the Council will be to:

  • Review and propose amendments, from time to time, to the goals for water management;
  • Assist in the development and monitoring of water management performance measures;
  • Provide advice on technical matters related to water management;
  • Foster working relationships and communications between Parks Canada, stakeholders and other government agencies in matters relevant to water management in the two watersheds;
  • Facilitate knowledge and information sharing between all interested parties;
  • Identify needs for public information related to the management of water in the two watersheds;
  • Facilitate communication between water managers and stakeholder organizations and citizens; and
  • Ensure that water management planning and operation occurs with a sound awareness of stakeholder issues and concerns throughout the two watersheds.

Stakeholders, including organizations that represent the interests of waterfront property owners, will participate as members of the Council. In addition, First Nation representation from within the Watershed will soon be confirmed. Members will be appointed for a two-year term to a maximum of four years, on a volunteer basis.

Membership is as follows:

Interim Chair - Ken Pipher Whatever Solutions & Media Inc. (président)
Bill Lawrence Severn River Association of Property Owners
Chris Riddle Coalition for Equitable Water Flow
Robert Allen Ontario Waterpower Association
John Gullick Canadian Power and Sail Squadron
Allan Appleby Community representative for the lower Trent River area
To be determined First Nations
Allan J. Heritage Voices of the Trent
Keith Hodgson Haliburton Highlands Outdoor Association
To be determined Environnement Canada
Monique Rolf von den Baumen-Clark Regional Planning Manager Southern Region
Rob Messervey Kawartha Conservation Authority, CAO
Dave Ness TSW Water Management Engineer
Jack Alexander Ex-officio, TSW Director of Canal Operations

The council will work collaboratively and in the public interest to develop recommendations based on consensus. Meetings are expected to be held semi-annually.

Parks Canada will provide administrative support to the Council, and the Director of Canal Operations (Trent Severn Waterway) will serve in an ex officio capacity to provide technical expertise.

An initial orientation meeting was held on January 28th, 2010.