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Rideau Canal National Historic Site of Canada

Boating Safely Public Consultation

Update (Tuesday, May 8, 2012)
Parks Canada will not be implementing a public consultation programme at this point in time for Boating Safely on the Rideau Canal. For the 2012 season, educational signage will be placed in the waterway and at boat launches in the northern sector of the canal. Educational materials will be distributed at lockstations along the Rideau Canal.

Public Consultation on the Creation of New Wake Zones in the Northern Sector of the Rideau Canal

What is a "no wake" zone?

Various areas along the Rideau Canal are signed as "no wake" zones. They are created to improve the safety and quality of the visitor's experience on the Rideau Canal and to reduce shoreline erosion.

Depending on the shape of the hull and/or weight of the vessel, wake is better managed at variable speeds. It is up to the operator of a vessel to know at what speed they travel in order not to create a non-compliant wake.

While in a "no wake" zone, boat operators are considered non-compliant if their waves do not *sufficiently disperse prior to reaching the shoreline, docks or other boats.

*Sufficiently disperse, for this purpose, means the crest of the wave has insufficient energy to lap significantly onto docks or shoreline property, or into other boats.

Boat operators should also be aware of their potential "transition wave", which is the wave generated as a boat transitions from high speed to low speed or vice-versa. There is always a transition wave, but it can be mitigated somewhat by slowing down or speeding up gently.

It is important to note, that even in areas of the Rideau Canal where there are no "no wake" zones, boaters are responsible for the effect of their wake and should, while cruising close to shore, in narrow channels, near other boats, swimmers or docks, operate as close to dead slow as possible while maintaining control of their vessel.

Simply put, boat operators should look behind them to see what kind of wake they are producing and adjust their speed appropriately.

Your Input

For further information or to comment on the creation of the "no wake" zones please contact:
Rideau Canal National Historic Site
34 Beckwith Street South
Smiths Falls, ON K7A 2A8

Telephone: 613-283-5170
Twitter: @RideauCanaNHS

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