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Rideau Canal National Historic Site of Canada

Natural Wonders & Cultural Treasures

Natural Wonders

Along its 202 km route from Ottawa to Kingston, the Rideau Canal passes through four distinct natural landscapes, each of which possesses its own particular scenic beauty: the Ottawa Clay Plain between Ottawa and Merrickville, between Merrickville and Rideau Ferry lies the Smiths Falls Limestone Plain, the Frontenac Axis extension of the Canadian Shield creates a rugged landscape between Rideau Ferry and Kingston Mills and the final landscape is the Napanee Plain. Learn more...

Cultural Treasures

Following the War of 1812 surveys were carried out to identify a second, safe, route from Montreal to the Great Lakes. The decision was to follow the Ottawa River from Montreal to the mouth of the Rideau River, at present day Ottawa, then travel south along the Rideau and through a series of small lakes to the Cataraqui River which emptied into Lake Ontario at Kingston. Learn more...