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Rideau Canal National Historic Site of Canada

Locking Through

Design Project (cont'd)

This is what actually happens when locking a boat. Once the water levels are even, the lock gates between the two locks can be opened. The boat could then move out of one lock and into another.

Curriculum Links

Grade 8

Science and Technology Strand: Matter and Materials
Topic: Fluids Developing Skills of Inquiry, Design, and Communications

Students will

  • 'design and construct a model of a common device that uses hydraulic systems' Relating Science and Technology to the World Outside the School Students will
  • 'identify some design features and explain how the design makes use of one or more of the properties of fluids' Language Strand: Oral and Visual Communication Use of Words and Oral Language Structures Students will
  • 'use the specialized vocabulary appropriate to the topic in oral presentations (e.g. investigations in mathematics, demonstrations in science)'