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Fort Malden National Historic Site of Canada


Military Commission

A commission, in a military sense, is a warrant conferring the authority by which an officer acts in his post. Commissioned Officers are appointed by the King and rank above sergeant. British Officers, usually members of the Upper Class, often purchased their commissions from the King and enjoyed a great deal of privilege in the army. This blank commission may be photocopied (enlarge 50% for 8 ½ by 11). The original commission is in the Fort Malden collection, from which the blank copy was derived. Blanks read in order: Trusty and well beloved Theobald Hunt Gent(leman); Lieutenant to that company whereof ____Esq. is Captain in our Seventieth, or Surrey Regiment of Foot, commanded by Our right Trusty and right Welbeloved Cousin General John Earl of Suffolk; Lieutant; company; colonel; St. James'; Twenty First, March 1805; Forty Fifth.

Plan of Fort Malden

Military Commission
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