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Fort Malden National Historic Site
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March Break at Fort Malden 2015

Date: Monday March 16th through Friday March 20th, 2015.

Hours: Daily from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Drop off no earlier than 9:20. Pick up no later than 4:15.

Fee: $24.50 per child each day.

Registration by Friday March 13th is required. Please bring a lunch for each day except Friday. Dress appropriately, as programmes are both indoors and outdoors.

A different workshop is offered each day:

Monday: A Day in the Life of a Soldier: Join the British Army for the day! Take the Queen’s Shilling and put on the redcoat of a British soldier, and then learn the military exercises of the British Army. Learning the fundamentals of marching, arms exercises, and platoon loading, you will be ready to defend Upper Canada from the Rebels. Also, cook a soldier’s snack in the cookhouse, and make your very own model soldier.

Tuesday: Playing Soldier: Each camper will learn to paint a model soldier as a souvenir of the Fort. In the afternoon, kids will learn about the Battle of Lake Erie by playing our unique Battle of Lake Erie Capture the Flag game. Finally, the campers will get to hear music from the Fort’s period musicians, and try out some old style instruments for themselves.

Wednesday: Scavenger Hunt: Fort Malden needs your help. Somebody has made off with our orders from General Brock. Help us find them and we will reward you. Follow clues laid around the Fort and be the first to find the secret orders that will help us stop the invading Americans!

Thursday: “Man the Guns” Prepare yourselves for battle, the Americans are about to attack. You will learn all about forts and cannons, how they built for defence. Learn how to load and fire the big cannons at Fort Malden. Kids will even build their own forts to take home. At the end of the programme, Fort Malden staff will fire one of the cannons.

Friday: Roast Beef of Ol’ England: Roll up your sleeves and spend the morning preparing a soldier’s stew, bread, and butter in the 1840s cookhouse just like the soldiers at Fort Malden. Eat the Beef Stew in the Soldier’s Barracks. After lunch, kids will play several nineteenth century games.

Register without delay! For more information and to register, please call 519-736-5416 or email

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