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Laurier House National Historic Site of Canada

The Great Depression and the Development of Social Programs by the Government of Mackenzie King

I: About the lesson

II: Setting the scene : The Social and Economic Impact of the Depression

III: Figuring out the Facts

Figuring out the Facts

  1. The Social and economic impact of the Depression
  2. Mackenzie King's budget of 1938
  3. Mackenzie King's efforts to persuade the provinces and Cabinet to support Unemployment Insurance

IV: Visual Evidence

Visual Evidence

  1. Cartoon depicting R.B. Bennett presiding over his Cabinet
  2. The Regina riot of 1935
  3. Photo of Mackenzie King in a Bennett buggy
  4. Extract from The Family Allowances Act, 1944
  5. Transcript of Mackenzie King speech entitled Postwar Program
  6. Mackenzie King's study in Laurier House
  7. Photo and latter-day assessment of Mackenzie King's accomplishments

V: Putting it All Together

Putting it All Together

  1. Imagining life in the Depression
  2. Changes to Canada's family allowance program since 1945
  3. Opposing sides: Social reform: an extravagant proposition?

VI: Supplementary Resources

Supplementary Resources

Topics for further research:

  1. Keynesian economics: social reform through job creation
  2. A lasting legacy: social programs since King

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