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HMCS Haida National Historic Site of Canada

Site Management

HMCS Haida Management Plan 2011
HMCS Haida Management Plan
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HMCS Haida Management Plan 2011

HMCS Haida Management Plan (PDF, 1.98 Mb)

This is the first management plan for HMCS Haida National Historic Site of Canada, located in Hamilton, Ontario. HMCS Haida, Canada's most famous warship, saw distinguished service with the Royal Canadian Navy in World War II, the Korean conflict and the Cold War. Decommissioned in 1963, she was designated as a national historic site in 1984 because of her role in naval combat and because she is the last of the Tribal class destroyers once used by three navies.

The Vision

In 2020, HMCS Haida is managed and presented as a living, operating ship. Visitors enjoy the unique opportunity to explore, discover, experience, and learn about the inner workings of and life aboard a World War II–era naval vessel. The uniqueness of the ship and the range of visitor experience opportunities that it facilitates help Canadians engage in real and inspiring discovery, and create a sense of personal connection that is unique among Parks Canada's network of protected heritage places.

HMCS Haida is carefully maintained to ensure long life. Continuing repairs, as well as additions and improvements to on-board and shore-based exhibits ensure that the ship and her stories will survive. A range of effective, meaningful interpretive exhibits and programs tell Haida's story. Visitors come away with an understanding and appreciation for the men who served on board Haida. Strong alliances with the Hamilton Waterfront Trust and local public and private organizations strengthen the visitor appeal of Haida and its place among other attractions along the Hamilton Waterfront, make the ship a "must see" educational resource for students in Hamilton-Wentworth, and help to maintain Haida. These partners and stakeholders engage Haida through relationships with Parks Canada based on mutual respect and oriented to the achievement of shared outcomes, but in ways that they themselves define.

Public outreach education enables all Canadians to be touched by the ship and its fascinating history, whether through personal engagement in Hamilton and the Greater Toronto Area, or by way of virtual experiences for other Canadians and even communities of naval heritage enthusiasts throughout the world.

In these ways, HMCS Haida will expand its reach to Canadians in a manner that strengthens their connections to Canada's historic heritage, and to Canada's contribution to the world stage and its own development during an especially traumatic and turbulent era of the 20th century.

Read the complete HMCS Haida Management Plan (PDF, 1.98 Mb)

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HMCS Haida National Historic Site of Canada
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