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HMCS Haida National Historic Site


Bring your sea legs and climb aboard HMCS Haida to explore the decks of this legendary warship. Listen to uniformed interpreters and naval veterans share riveting stories of battle and of their lives onboard the fightingest ship in the Royal Canadian Navy. Test your skills spotting imminent threats on the horizon from the open deck. Hear the ship bells’ toll and the gun’s mighty roar when fired at special events.

Featured experiences

Experience Canada’s most famous warship
As the world’s last surviving Tribal class destroyer, HMCS Haida has a tremendous legacy. Come aboard and see what it was like to be a crew member serving on the Canadian Navy’s most decorated warship.
Help celebrate the contributions HMCS Haida made to Canada’s naval history
The important role HMCS Haida played in the history of the Royal Canadian Navy is marked each year by a number of special commemoration days. Come help us celebrate. You’ll have a blast!

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